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Nannie Helen Burroughs Project

Lost to History: One African-American Woman's Views on How to Make Our Country a Better Place.

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Project Goal: To open a dialogue across America, especially in our black community, about the relevancy of her views to our lives today.


This Documents Page is designed to complement and expand your knowledge about Nannie Helen Burroughs. Remember, the project is an Education Campaign. The primary source of information is the Nannie Helen Burroughs personal files archived in the Library of Congress. The files can be accessed online. Please do not hesitate to call Library of Congress personnel. They are courteous, professional, and willing to help.

QuotesNannie Burroughs understood that the children of today are parents, teachers, police women and men, and leaders in the community and country of tomorrow. I believe that we, as adults, are all at an intersection, with different ideas and views, trying to get to the same. That place is, as Burroughs often wrote is, "An Improved America" for our children. The time is now for us to Recognize the Opportunity, accept the Responsibility, and Seize the Challenge to come together and discuss openly, honestly and respectfully our differences. Nannie Helen Burroughs demands nothing less of us.Quotes

- Colonel (Ret.) James E. Wyatt, Founder, The Nannie Helen Burroughs Project

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