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African-American History Education
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Colonel (ret.) Jim Wyatt founded the Nannie Helen Burroughs Project in 2010 based on the following premise:
          "I am Somebody - I am a moulder of character in Nannie Burroughs"
           - Dr. William Holmes Borders,   
            Department of  Philosophy and Religion, Morehouse College, 1954.       
          "Whoever or whatever owns the children, owns the future", ergo, "We are beholden to the past; we
           are shaping the present; we are responsible for the future"
           - Monmouth County Business and Professional Women's Council, Inc., circa 1975.
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" - Frederick Douglass

The Nannie Helen Burroughs Project addresses the views, visions and works of a remarkable woman, who seems to have been lost to history. A chapter president of the National Council of Negro Women said: “We have heard about her, but we don’t know about her”. Our goal is to increase the exposure of this American hero throughout the country and abroad. She is presented to audiences through a free-of-charge traveling display, coupled with a power point presentation.

An American Hero
Her views and vision from 1900 onward capture the important issues and problems in America, while offering solutions through her exceptional analytical and oratorical skills. After a 1934 Florida Speech, a White woman rose to her feet and exclaimed: “I do not deal in superlatives, but Miss Burroughs has given a matchless address. She is not only up-to-date in her understanding and analyses of great questions, but she is 50 years ahead of her time”. Howard University Dean Kelly Miller said: “There is no speaker on the American platform who can excel her in…homely powerful presentation of truth that strikes home and response”. Later he exclaimed: “She was a dynamo of energy.  Tracking her was no easy task.  It was like trying to capture the winds in my hands. She moved at an extraordinary pace, touching down on literally every aspect of Negro life for over six decades”.

Nannie Helen Burroughs, Black Activist in Annapolis, MD


 During a Period of 6 Decades, Burroughs:

• Encouraged Blacks towards
• Argued for Institutional and Political Change
• Urged Blacks to Fight Discrimination
• Demanded Whites to Reject the Attitudes 
   and Policies of Racism
• Challenged Both Races to Cooperate in Building
   a Just Society


Black Activist

As one of many Black women activists, feminists, educators and religious leaders, she was on the front lines of our country’s battles for women’s equality and elimination of racism. There are no audios of her, but some of her writings are available on the Documents page. Click on the following bullets to learn some key information about Burroughs and how her views relate to our lives today.
• An Overview of Her Life  The 3 B's ( A Matrix)
Black Goddess of Liberty Accomplishments
12 Things (A Matrix) A Tribute(Jim Leaving Detention Facility)

Recent Activity
- February 22th 2014- The Belmont Mansion in Philadelphia & Underground Railroad Site) to the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of University Women. 

Under the Washington DC Summer Youth Employment Program, two students will join the project for six weeks. Their task will be to develop a Nannie Helen Burroughs social media program.

Since 2010, presentations have been made to churches, schools, social, civic, and community organizations in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia,
New Jersey,Pennsylvania and Colorado.
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